Maxter Tan Care V47

Vertical tanning unit Maxter V47

One for all

Tan Care V47 synthesizes the ISO Italia style into a technological, comfortable and safe solarium. The open, simple and original styling let the user bath into a cylinder of light without any sensation of heat and/or claustrophobia. 4 Tanning panels with 47 100W low pressure tubes protected by Plexiglas sheets. With its small dimensions, the essential design, the low power consumption, Tan Care meets all tanning salons demands, giving users the best comfort during the tanning session.


With Tan Care, ISO Italia once again demonstrates to take care of final user's feeling, the will to meet the customer's expectations. As regards the comfort, nothing has been done by chance: thanks to the essential design with open styling, every sensations of claustrophobia is eliminated. The control panel, easy to reach, has a wide anti-reflection liquid-crystal display. Body and face ventilation adjustable by the user ensures total comfort and wellbeing during every tanning session. The stereo system (optional) completes the picture of a tanning session to enjoy with a smile.


The technological solutions developed by ISO Italia for the maximum safety of final users are always totally advanced, and Tan Care is designed to prevent all possible contact with the tanning tubes, without mesh grilles but instead with protective plexiglas screens to avoid all problems. Technical solutions for enhanced safety include electronic monitoring of the operating temperature and correct operation of the solarium ventilation system, with automatic halting of tanning sessions in case of malfunctions.


In the best traditions of ISO Italia, the design and technology of the solariums of the Maxter line look towards the future, concentrating on maximum user satisfaction. Tan Care gives details on the number of sessions completed, the hours of operation and the right moment to change lamps. It can offer four different tanning programmes.


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Maxter V47 is the technological low pressure vertical tanning unit, efficient, comfortable and safe that meets all tanning salons demands, giving users the best comfort during the tanning session.

Technical sheet



Model Type of Lamp     Position     Quantity and Power     KW Lamp Total     Total Absorption KW/A
PFIV47EN/63 Tan Care     Long Light Tube     Body 100 W     4,7 KW    

DEC max 5,5/8,5

DEC min -0,3W/m2- 4/6,2

Working Voltage

400V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 3N ~

On Request

230 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 3 ~




Width 116 cm - Height 254 cm - Depth 158 cm










Project and Overall

Technical Characteristics Included

Anti-reflection LCD display
Button to select one of 4 exposure times for skin phototype of user
Emergency button
Electronic control for the correct functioning of the solarium ventilation
Electronic regulation of airflow to face and body
Digital and mechanical timer and session counter
Adjustable light intensity

Technical Characteristics Optional

Air extractor kit including 3 metres of hose, 25 cm diameter
Stereo radio complete with speakers, headphones, input for MP3 player
Aroma diffuser
Digital remote control