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ISO Italia Solarium and 4.0 Technology

Now the high performance of the ISO Italia tanning units is now combined with 4.0 technology.

Thanks to this technology, our tanning units can be remotely controlled, ensuring greater safety, remote maintenance and greater guarantees at lower costs.

The interconnection system installed on the solariums allows a direct connection with the computer system of our company, with a continuous monitoring action capable of recovering the data that the equipment can process.

In addition to allowing faster maintenance, considerably reducing the intervention times and resolution of any problems, data monitoring also allows you to view the regular performance of the functions provided by the unit, leaving the user the certainty of possessing a technologically advanced, safe and guaranteed tool.


Industry 4.0 has been at the center of economic transformation in Italy and around the world for some years.
In our country, an ad hoc government plan was launched in 2016 which then underwent changes and revisions: from the Industry 4.0 Plan to the 4.0 Business Plan up to the national plan of the 4.0 Transition.
During the Covid19 pandemic, Industry 4.0 and the technologies connected to it proved to be fundamental in countering the crisis.

In February 2021, Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed the need to "extend and make the national plan of Transition 4.0 easily usable to accompany companies in the process of technological innovation and environmental sustainability".


The choice to apply 4.0 technology to its tanning units confirms the company's high attention to changes and market needs, renewing its offer looking to the future with optimism and determination, promoting an even more efficient and effective products.