How an Iso Italia solarium is made

Production of an ISO Italia tanning unit

Production: process and quality controls

ISO Italia has a completely internal productive cycle, compared to other solarium firms that purchase their components and materials from external suppliers.

This regulation is sign of superior controls and quality that keep unchanged efficiency and comfort of an ISO Italia solarium.

Manufacturing process

Although it has its own graphic design department, I.SO Italia also draws on the skills of external design consultants, to ensure that its solariums are not only always recognizable, but also feature the latest styling.

The initial project is used as a basis for the prototype, dividing activities on mechanical components from those for the electrical system, and always in compliance with European standards for tanning equipment.

The prototype is fitted with devices that simulate effective solarium operating conditions, making checks on the resistance of components at operating temperature, power absorption and the distribution of radiation. In this phase, user comfort is also considered, with a critical analysis of the various options.

After successful completion of these tests, preparations are made for production, with definitive technical drawings and the creation of moulds for mass production.The external suppliers selected are required to comply with rigorous conditions for the maintenance of quality standards. Times are defined for production processes and the release of the first pre-series of products manufactured.

Quality Controls

For every product, an internal process is defined for suitable checks on quality, which are divided into three categories:

  • checks on incoming materials, defining the checks to be made on samples of materials delivered to the company for the production of a model;
  • checks on production processes, defining the phases of the production process on which checks must be made for every model;
  • checks and tests on finished products, subdivided into four categories: final check on correspondence to the customer order, initial operating checks, electrical safety trials and radiation measurements.