Quality marks of our Solarium

What an ISO Italia tanning unit has more than another

ISO Italia solariums, which have a particularly elegant and original design, are used all over the world, on all types of skin because they combine comfort with the guarantee of an excellent tan.

All products are manufactured respecting applicable standards, and before release for sale are individually tested for electrical safety and tanning radiation characteristics.
Electrical safety tests are made for the efficiency of ground connections, insulation, rigidity and current dispersion, and also for dynamic and power absorption characteristics.
Radiation tests are used to check the correct emission of the various types of solarium, according to the limits established by applicable standards and determining exposure times.
These checks guarantee the constant quality of all products manufactured.

The electrical diagrams included in the use and maintenance manual permit easy maintenance even by unspecialized personnel.

All components are ISO Italia brand-marked, and are therefore available for a minimum period of ten years.

All ISO Italia tanning units have a powerful and adjustable ventilation system able to offer a comfortable and silent tanning session.

All ISO Italia solarium structures are durable thanks to paintings which prevent rust, upholstery resistant to tearing and stains and finishes preventing yellowing and cracking.

The new ER technology patented by I.SO ITALIA allows lamp power to be reduced, optimising the tanning process by ensuring a uniform diffusion of UV rays, and also partly reducing the heat produced by the lower powered lamp. Changing lamps is now also easier, with the introduction of a quick-fit connection for lamps.

ISO Italia Tanning Units are totally safe thanks to series of tests made during production and after. All the units are, also, equipped with electronic controls for monitoring ventilation, temperature and filter breakages, timer and security glass and emergency button.

High pressure lamps are equipped with an electronic starting system DEC, patented by I.SO Italia, a safe and functional solution for modern solarium operation that offers:

  • fewer electrical components used
  • less technical maintenance, lower size and weight
  • constant power supply even in case of mains power supply variations
  • consequent uniformity of UV emissions
  • smart software compensates for lamp aging, supplying correct current to restore yield to initial levels
  • complete lamp monitoring

With this new control system for every single lamp, tanning profiles can be personalized to suit skin phototypes.