Iso Italia Group is an Italian company with 30 years experience in wellness and beauty sector. The company produces MADE IN ITALY and distributes all over the world, with ISO Benessere brand, equipment and furniture for SPAs and with ISO Italia brand, tanning equipment.


ISO Italia Mission is to offer high-tech and reliable solutions that give comfort and tanning to guests in beauty and tanning centres.

Iso Italia


I.SO Italia's business centres entirely on solariums, and ranges from the study of users' needs to the planning and manufacture of the equipment. 
I.SO Italia solariums, which have a particularly elegant and original design, have many advantages and are used all over the world, on all types of skin because they combine comfort with the guarantee of an excellent tan. 
The 4 solarium lines currently include 14 models, each with between one and three different variants of power. 
I.SO Italia creates its solarium following production procedures that begins with a project developed in the prototype department and ends in the I.SO factory at San Stino di Livenza (VE), where the tanning machines are mounted and assembled in a production area that covers 4,000 square metres.



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Zonta family, began to produce tanning equipment in 1980. During the first few years, the company dedicated itself solely to the production of solariums for large business enterprises. Only in 1986, once they had matured considerable experience in the sector, Zonta family decided to expand onto the market and set up their own brand: I.SO Italia was born.

The success enjoyed by the products and the reliability of the company's sales strategies have helped I.SO Italia to increase its volume of sales all over the world. The continuous search for quality, design and efficiency of its products allowed I.SO Italia to become well known and appreciated as one of the most important solarium manufacturers in Italy and overseas

Since 2009 Iso Italia increases production, under  ISO Benessere brand, by giving new equipment able to raise and update the offer given to SPAs, wellness and beauty centres and to meeting all the new requirements, market trends and luxury sector needs. In 2013 a team of partners gave life to ISO Italia Group that keep going on with production and distribution with ISO Italia and ISO Benessere brands.