Solarium and facial tanning units

Solarium and facial tanning units

I.SO ITALIA produces advanced solarium and facial tanning units solving the problem of partial tanning because it was the first company to design a solarium that can give a perfect and homogeneous irradiation at 180° half-length and not only on the face.

Choosing an I.SO ITALIA facial tanning solarium not only means to buy a high tech beauty equipment with a unique design, but it also means to invest in a state of the art product dedicated to the facial tanning.

Thanks to a dynamic system easy to program by a very simple and intuitive control board, the facial solarium I.SO ITALIA guarantees a homogeneous facial tan thanks to the irradiation of 180° tanning rays.

Quality and easiness of utilization characterize the whole line of I.SO ITALIA solarium, with different kinds of peculiarities depending on the model which better goes with the requirements.

Highly customizable functions, regulation of power of the lamps, facility of cleaning and maintenance make I.SO Italia products safe solariums on which you can stake for appreciable and lasting results.

Maxter and Matrix solarium and facial tanning units have an original design and have been realized with high pressure lamps, comfortable and anatomic chairs equipped with radio stereo console and Mp3 player.

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