High Pressure Tanning Lamps

High Pressure Tanning Lamps

High pressure tanning lamps produced by I.SO Italia are made to satisfy market needs about safe tanning equipments able to guarantee a swift and effective tan.

High pressure lamps stand up from low pressure due to high temperature that have an effect on gas inside lamps. Filters hold the excess rays letting pass a small amount of UVB (to stimulate melanin) and many UVA rays that oxidize melanin and let to have a good tan.

I.SO Italia high pressure tanning lamps do not give up to a stylish and classy design, giving, not only the quality of a certificated professional product, but also the added value of an important piece of furniture in all the tanning and beauty centres.

To have the most gradual tan, low pressure tanning has to be the first in order to activate melanin, after that high pressure treatment can give more colour.

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