Matrix Compact L28 ER

Tanning bed Matrix Compact L28 ER

Design, minimum dimensions, high performance

Matrix Compact L28-ER is a powerful blend of technology, design, safety, efficiency, low running costs and easy compatibility with all surroundings. Essential design with open styling, absolute safety and high efficiency for tanning sessions, superior comfort and extremely compact dimensions are outstanding features that make this solarium a benchmark for the entire sector. As on all I.SO ITALIA products, quality marks certify that the components used comply with exacting safety standards. 


28 high-pressure UV-A lamps, with 5 tanning units arranged radially around the user’s body – 6 lamps on each upper unit and 5 on each lower unit, plus an intense facial unit with 6 650 W lamps, ensuring tanning sessions that are not only shorter and more effective but also highly comfortable, thanks to a powerful ventilation system that can be adjusted by the user, perfect soundproofing and a stereo system with headphones. Highly reliable electronic safety devices protect users against the consequences of any possible breakage or malfunction. The DEC (Dynamic Energy Control) system allows the high-pressure lamps to be controlled and monitored electronically.


Like all I.SO ITALIA models of the latest generation, Matrix Compact L28-ER is fitted with the revolutionary ER reflectors. With their absolutely innovative characteristics, these reflectors guarantee optimal distribution of UV rays on the entire body and the greatest possible tanning efficiency for the power emitted, significantly cutting running costs. The layout of the five tanning units around the user’s body ensure short but efficient tanning sessions.


Matrix is the most advanced tanning technology, the future of UVA, the tomorrow of tanning treatments. Absolutely innovative, reliable and practical, Matrix is the new series of solariums with circular action, revolutionizing tanning sessions and guaranteeing the best results in perfect relaxation. Matrix Compact L28-ER gives details on the number of sessions completed, the hours of operation and the right moment to change lamps. It can offer four different tanning programmes. The voice synthesis messages giving information on correct tanning can be personalized.

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Matrix Compact L28 ER  is fitted with the revolutionary ER reflectors which trasformed it into a design solarium with minimum dimensions and high performance to guarantee an hypertechnological tanning with the maximum of comfort.

Technical sheet




Model L28-ER/B L28-ER/B
N. x Watt 6x650 22x500
Type and Position Evolution Light FACE Evolution Light BODY
Total Lamps 6 22
Power KW 14,9 kw 14,9 kw
Total Absorption KW/A 17,3 kw - 27,7 A 17,3 kw - 27,7 A


Model   L28-ER/A DEC L28-ERA DEC
N. x Watt   6x650 22x500
Type and Position   Evolution Light FACE Evolution Light BODY
Total Lamps   6 22
Power KW   18,2 kw 18,2 kw
Total Absorption KW/A max DEC 21,4 kw - 35 A 21,4 kw - 35 A
  min DEC 13,5 kw - 22 A 13,5 kw - 22 A

Working Voltage

400 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 3N ~

On Request

230 V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 3 ~




Width 224 cm - Height 200 cm - Depth 150 cm



Technical Characteristics Included

Anti-reflection liquid-crystal display pre-arranged for Internet connection and remote monitoring
Button to select one of 4 exposure times for skin phototype of user
Emergency button
Stereo radio complete with speakers and headphones with MP3 player
Electronic variation of airflow to face and body
Manual positioning of tanning unit
Button to select body section, face or both
Voice synthesizer with messages for start, middle and end of session
Digital timer and unit counter plus mechanical timer
Electronic monitoring of possible filter breakages
Electronic monitoring of solarium operating temperature
Electronic monitoring of correct functioning of solarium ventilation
Hot air expulsion with 1 flexible hose,diameter 30 cm, length 3 metres

Technical Cahracteristics Optional

Aroma diffuser
Air deflector
Digital remote control
External roll holder
Electronic token unit